Halo 2

Introduction to Halo 2

Halo 2 is the second game released in the Halo trilogy, also made Bungie. It is set a few weeks after the first game, after the Master Chief has managed to detonate Alpha Halo (instalation 04), and has managed to get back to Earth, where he has warned them of the danger of the flood. On the way back to Earth, he met up with sgt Johnson, who the Chief had thought died in a flood attack. However, that was proven to be untrue, due to Johnson being immune to infection by the flood (whether this is due to the fact that he has borens syndrome, caused by high radiation levels, scrambling his DNA, or the fact that he is a SPARTAN-I is unknown). However, as they reached earth and landed on the Cairo( a huge space station), Covenant ships entred the area, and thus begins Halo 2. What makes Halo 2 different, however, is the fact that you also play as the Covenant, in the form of a disgraced supreme elite commander, who has become the Arbiter, giving you new insight into the history and culture of the Covenant. A major upgrade from Halo:CE however, is the intergration of Xbox Live, allowing players to game with other people around the world. Even now, years after Halo 2 was first released, many people still play Halo 2 online. Needless to say the game was an instant hit.

The Plot Of Halo 2

For the Plot/story of Halo 2, click the below link. *warning contains spoilers*


Halo 2 announcement trailer