Halo: Combat Evolved

Introduction to Halo: Combat Evolved

Halo: Combat Evolved (Or Halo 1, as it is now frequently called) was the first Halo game to be published, The developers were Bungie corp. After making a deal with Microsoft, Bungie got to work on the game that would spawn the most succesful series of games in the history of Xbox. Finally, after a few years, Halo: CE was announced to be an Xbox (original) launch game, prompting many people to buy it. they weren't dissapointed. Halo:CE was an epic Sci-fi shooter which kept the player gripped at all times, and quickly became the most played game on the Xbox. However, one of the problems with Halo:CE is that it was mainly a single player game, Xbox live wasn't even around then. there were a few maps you could play with friends on different controllers, but it couldn't last forever.

The Plot Of Halo: Combat Evolved

For information on the plot of Halo: CE, click the link below. *warning contains spoilers* for those who haven't played it yet


Halo: Combat Evolved announcement trailer